Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now Available on DVD

One of the best and underrated supernatural series is out on DVD. Friday the 13th, the series is here.

Here's the premise:

An antique dealer who made a deal with Satan to sell cursed artifacts. The artifacts all brought the bearer some great benefit, but at a terrible price. When his conscience finally caught up with him, however, the devil turned on him and captured his soul. His co-worker, along with his nephew and his cousin, set out to reclaim all the artifacts and return them to a secured and consecrated vaults where the artifacts can do no more harm.

I loved, loved, loved this series. It was ahead of it's time. If you like mysteries, witches, occult, and families this is for you.

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EMikeGarcia said...

You had me at "...made a deal with Satan to sell cursed artifacts."

Greg said...

I loved this show, too! I must check out the DVD....see if there are any extras and whatnot.

Christopher said...

My favorite tv series!!

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