Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebs for McCain

Look who donated for McCain


Sheldon Adelson: $2,300
Troy Aikman: $2,300
Mario Andretti: $2,300
Pat Boone: $4,600
Jerry Bruckheimer: $9,600
Barry Diller: $4,600
Clint Eastwood: $2,300
Dick Eberson: $4,600
John Elway: $2,300
Kelsey Grammer: $2,300
Brad Grey: $2,300
Kirk Kerkorian: $2,300
Lorne Michaels: $2,300
Jack Nichlaus: $1,100
Arnold Palmer: $1,000
Richard Petty: $1,000
Jerry Reinsdorf: $4,600
Susan Saint James: $2,300
Curt Shilling: $2,300
Vin Scully: $2,300
Gary Sinese: $2,300
Harry Sloan: $40,800
Roger Staubach: $40,800
Ben Stein: $2,800
Rip Torn: $2,300
Donald Trump: $33,050
Dick Van Patten: $2,020
Darrell Waltrip: $1,000
Steve Wynn: $30,800


Butch said...

How depressing ... How could some of these people continue to support this buffoon?!

EMikeGarcia said...

Kelsey Grammer? Say it isn't so!!!

Fuck Clint Eastwood.

Queers United said...

trump was so anti-war what a hyporite

Wonder Man said...

I know, Mikey. He produced my favorite show, Girlfriends.
And Trump, what can I say

YvesPaul said...

Rich + Stuck Up = Republican?

brotherkomrade said...

Lorne Michaels - not a surprise
Kelsey Grammer - surprised - not only that, I saw him giving cash away to the homeless left and right back when I worked as a porter at a building next to the place he was staying in on Central Park South. I never seen a Rethuglican give money to homeless people that. So look at this list and be reminded of who the Reagan Democrats were.

Nice blog, btw.

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