Friday, June 11, 2010

Adm. Mike Mullen, Robin McGehee and Me

Today, Admiral Mike Mullen held a townhall meeting on campus (University of Southern California).

He was here to talk about issues on Veterans and Military Families. After he was done, Adm. Mullen took questions from the audience. Frontiers News Editor, Karen Ocamb asked him about DADT.

I recorded his response. Sorry for the shaking, but it was hard to be cute and technical at the same time. Also in this clip, Robin McGehee, co-leader of GetEQUAL, talks about Adm. Mullen's answer. The cute part was when her friend recognized me from Twitter. (They retweeted something I said earlier) See here:

Robin and I talked briefly (off camera, sorry). I expressed my concerns about GetEQUAL and she understood my views. It was clear that we want the same things, we just have different ways of achieving them. Our discussion was civil and we actually embraced. I still hold my views, but it was nice to hear the other side directly from the source. I only have read Robin's opinions from other blogs or tweets, but to see her face to face, was good.

Robin said she would like to chat more and I would like that. I want to talk about what I think they (GetEQUAL) could be doing. Also I want to have a civil convo about where GetEQUAL is going.

As you can see in the clip, that wasn't the right time to chat, but one day I hope to sit down with Robin and talk about the LGBT community.



AndrewW said...

What was the "other side" from Robin?

Wonder Man said...

nothing new, but I liked hearing her directly. I still think their methods are not completely helpful

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