Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Question of the Day

Why are folks Hatin' on Lady GaGa?

She's bringing it and she's setting trends all over the place.

So why the hate? It just feels that a lot of bloggers pick on her looks and style. Why?

Just let a young Diva be.


the dogs' mother said...

Actually have no idea who she is, other than an entertainer, but today, the frogs, oh, the humanity!

Unknown said...

I will admit I don't get the Gaga appeal, but not enough to hate on her. I will just blissfully ignore her. LOL

David Dust said...

Oh shit. I hope you're still my friend after you read the post I've scheduled for tomorrow. :)

I'll admit it - I am a TOTAL HATER when it it comes to Lady CaCa. I apologize in advance...


Wonder Man said...

I will still be your friend, David.

David Dust said...

Maybe you better read the post first ... :)


Bob said...

I'm with David, I think on this.
She's tries too hard with all the get-ups and accessories--and we know how much a gay man loves his accessories. I think if she was truly talented she wouldn't need all this shmata.
She could just sing. If, in fact, she CAN sing.

EMikeGarcia said...

I think she's just a whole lot of guilty pleasure fun.

She was asked in an interview what she looked for in a man, her response was, "A big dick."

Amen, sister. A-fuckin'-MEN.

Prince Todd said...

I don't get the hatred either. I love Lady Gaga. I'm all about performers with hot tunes and a flair for fashion.
She's wonderful!

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