Saturday, July 18, 2009

America's Finest: The KKK

LIFE magazine has interesting pics of the KKK of today.

It's quite sad


Anonymous said...

I know, I saw the set. The one that spooked me the most was the wedding.

Makes me wonder why people are so damned prejudiced. Of course with the KKK they hate blacks, jews, Catholics, a whole litany of groups actually.

And I don't think they like gay people either. I couldn't imagine someone being gay and a KKK member but then, I know of gay white men who are prejudiced sons of bitches anyhow.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that they inspire me to violent thoughts in reaction to their hatred. This goes on the list of things that must be changed.

Unknown said...

I find the shot of the little kid being dressed particularly scary - cause this shit doesn't need to be perpectuated at all.

J. Clarence said...

It's very weird to see images of community and compassion, such as holding a child in a caring way or a wedding, juxtaposed to such an organization. It almost as if the images are playing tricks with my eyes.

Despite being over a century old we still know so little about the group and its practices.

In such a more diverse world I wonder how the clan pitches itself to people.

Jonathan Pizarro said...

There's an interesting documetary about white supremacy groups by Louis Theroux. he really tries to dig up that feeling whereby their hatred flounders in certain situations. Like this couple had some mexicans living next door who they actually got along's indescribable that eventually they reach this point of hypocrisy.

I think a lot of these people are simply ignorant and misguided and indoctrinated, and without their hatred they feel they have no purpose in the world. How sad.

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