Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer, The President, Race and lawn chairs

The big meeting with Gates, Obama, and Crowley


J. Clarence said...

Call me crazy, but this whole episode seemed like a huge distraction to me.

If the president really wanted to move ahead with this discussion he could have done something more formal, at the end of the day it looked like Obama just wanted to talk to the two people most close to this. He really just wanted to have them over for a beer, not solve centuries of race issue on his back porch.

The media really needs to get its act together.

Allan S. said...

This is some stupid ass bullshit! Just a lot of alpha-male posturing as gentlemen, while hoping the lubricant of beer would make one of them bottom.

Gates and Crowley both took their dicks out on that faithful day. The difference is Crowley has a badge and a gun.

In my opinion this photo-op was a photo-flop. It's contrived and skims the surface of heavy issues. This is such a let down.

As a person that has been stopped three times in my life by the police, and treated initially as a criminal rather than a human being, I'm offended.

Joy said...

What did you think about it, WM? I'm still working on it.

Unknown said...

OK, I know this is a serious issue - race relations in the US - but damned if I didn't read your headline and think 'Bear Convention.'


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