Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More from the Gays in Comics Panel

Here's more on the Gays in Comics Panel at Comic-Con

  • Gail said that we will learn more about Wonder Woman's sexuality and the Amazons' views on sexuality in upcoming issues.
  • Peter David thinks it is foolish to not have a gay character in an on-going story.
  • Phil Jimenez said that with most gay artists, you can see their gayness in their work.
  • Perry Moore talked about how his experience growing up in South pushed him into creating gay characters. He didn't want a kid to believe they will burn in Hell.
  • He also talked about his book, Hero, a story of a gay superhero. He said that the basis of it is the relationship of the father and the son.
  • Phil Jimenez also said that Wonder Woman's deep rooted story in the early days was about her relationship with her mother.
  • Gail believes that diversity is very important and does not think twice about mixing the cast up.
  • The panel were happy about the strides of gay characters, however it will take the deaths of the old men with money before a change can truly happen.
  • More readers are looking for more gay characters in comics.
  • Some felt that lesbian characters always go through the worst drama. Peter David disagreed. He said if that's the case, then all characters named Sue were also treated badly (Sue Dibny was raped by Dr. Light and killed the Atom's ex wife/Sue Richards lost a baby, lost her mind, and sort of lost her husband, Mr Fantastic)
  • Strangers in Paradise, Pedro and Me and Alan Moore's work was cited to have great LGBT stories.
  • Peter David said that Shatterstar and Rictor's relationship is very natural and not forced.
  • Prism Comics is moving more LGBT focused stories forward. They hope that the big 2 (DC and Marvel) will follow.
  • Gail said to make change, please take a LGBT comic and pass it to a straight friend or peer.
  • Perry Moore say that Hero is still in the running to be picked up by Showtime as a series.
  • Bill Willingham, writer of JSA, was only there for 5 minutes. However, he promised to put the openly gay Obsidian in the spotlight and he won't be joining the list of gay characters who are "straightened out".


Christopher said...

I really thought we were going to see "HERO" this year..

Jonathan Pizarro said...

Does that mean Ian Churchill is gay? He draws one hell of a Nightwing.

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