Monday, July 27, 2009

Cali's Marriage Equality Leadership Summit was a Bust

While I was chillin' at Comic-Con, hopes for marriage equality in Cali was on it's last lifeline.

According to the blog, Unite the Fight, this Sunday's Marriage Equality Leadership Summit only reinforced the foolishness and drama within our own house.

Here's some highlights:
  • Or maybe it's because the California LGBT population has cannibalized its leadership to the point where no one is willing to take the unpopular stance of leading this wounded community made up of people that will bite anyone's head off who has a slightly different opinion from theirs. Whatever you believe the reason to be, the Leadership Summit on Sunday was an utter failure. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  • Our community has splintered into factions lead by no one, going in all different directions with various agendas, some with good intentions, but many motivated by egos in attempt to out maneuver the other, causing us to fight each other instead of those who have taken away our rights. And why? Because our leadership once failed us in a disastrous campaign which ended not with rights being denied us, but rights we enjoyed being stripped away from us, leaving us naked and exposed. And now we're so anti-leadership, we have spiraled into a quagmire of anarchy with no visible way out.
  • We have become what we've hated. Right after the election, we were right to be angry at our leadership. We were right to demand accountability, something that was missing during the campaign. We were right to demand an apology for such a historical mishap, which has failed to occur. But we have taken it too far and for too long. In such a short amount of time, we have cannibalized our leadership to the point where we barely have any, and those who remain have nearly given up on the community, refuse to take a stand to lead again, or have been forced into the shadows to do things, yet again, without community involvement. (After witnessing the summit, who would want to involve us?) We are now what our leadership once was - unaccountable.
I am deeply sadden by this foolishness. What has happen? Why is our leadership this piss-poor?
How dare we demand Obama to do his job, when we can't do ours. This is very telling of the lack of a strong LGBT community and commitment to change.

I asked months ago if we were ready for a real civil rights movement and I believe we are nowhere near ready.

I guess I need to put on my bracelets and tiara to get this stuff poppin'. It's going to take folks who are not about the fame and glory. It's going to be the real people who will get us there. I just hope they step up soon.

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Allen said...

Well it sounds like, they need someone to take charge and run with it. Its sad isn't, to think of all the people there that are gay, but yet doesn't stand up for what they believe.

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