Saturday, March 26, 2011

WATCH: Denver Cops Caught Beating a Gay Man

More on this story, here


Robyn said...

That is sickening.

Eric Arvin said...


Reggie said...


I don't know anyone who doesn't recognize that a cop will lie. I think that's one thing that the OJ Simpson trial did, it exposed what liars cops can be.

How could those cops NOT be fired?!?

By the way, that news anchor "Bazi" in Denver....she's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Cops lie all the time. I saw numerous investigations where cops openly lied on the stand and got away with it because of the badge.

That said, how can their public safety comish defend this shit? It's on video for crying out loud!

And that one of the young men has a father who is a sheriff, it is going to get ugly.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these cops in America need to be drugged tested for steroids. Just think, this happens all the time to mostly blacks,latins and gays. Thank Oya there was a camera rolling.

WilsonW said...

Sadly, cops are above the law. Plain and simple. Without video proof it's your word against there's and your word means nothing. What kind of psychological testing goes on with police officers? That kind of job and the power it offers can attract some scary personality types. When you combine the personality types with the power a badge allows, it obviously gets scary FAST!

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