Sunday, March 20, 2011

ATL's Cops are going through LGBT Training

The police department in the ATL are making history with these LGBT training sessions, thanks to the leadership of Chief George Turner.
Turner and the entire command staff of approximately 30 people underwent the one-hour classroom training in December, taught by LGBT liaison Officer Brian Sharp. Now Sharp and Senior Patrol Officer Patricia Powell, the other LGBT liaison for the department, are teaching the class to everyone else employed by the department; the trainings will continue through May.

Recruits will also receive the training and the class will be taught once a year to all employees as a way for the department to garner better understanding and build a relationship with Atlanta’s LGBT residents.

“I think the training is a great first step,” said Glen Paul Freedman, chair of the APD’s LGBT advisory group. “Before, this was not mandatory other than a class taught only to recruits about the LGBT liaison’s role.”

Officer Sharp, in past meetings with the LGBT advisory group, said the trainings are going well with APD employees.
These trainings talk about the history of the gay rights movement, proper terms/word use and why the community may not trust the police. I think this is a great step in right direction.



Anonymous said...

This is great news. I'm a little leery of the cops where I live, and the Sheriff's department isn't known for their "outreach" either.

Anonymous said...

That's great news.

Of course this is somewhat offset by my reading of the Department of Justice report about New Orleans Police Department.

But still, that Justice stepped in on NOPD is good news too.

Unknown said...

Well it has to be noted why they are having the training.
About 2 years ago, Atlanta Police raided a Gay Club, The Eagle Bar & Lounge. Locked up the Owners/Employees and Patrons. Then the gay community rallied together, got a lawyer, sued and WON! Duh, winning!
So now, only after all that, are they teaching this.

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