Thursday, March 24, 2011

BackFlash Video Thursday

I still love this... 'Body' by The Jacksons


Anonymous said...

Your video wont show up :(

Prince Todd said...

I've never heard this! HOT!!!
Marlon look a hot janky mess with that jheri curl...LOL

WilsonW said...

Marlon and Randy look like they are straight up twerking in this video! LOL! Their dance moves are pretty fey. And they was working them jherri curls weren't they! LOL! I liked this song but I assumed Jermaine was singing this.

And Hallelujah to back in the day when they had GROWN women in their videos dancing! Today it would be a bevy of barely 18 year old girls with less than nothing on. Simu-humping the air and each other.

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