Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Question of the Day: Drag Race Edition

Well, I have to say I was wrong. I thought Shangela was going to win it all. And the twist is to die for.

Who will return? Who will go? What did you think?


Ian said...

I speculated they'd bring someone back a few weeks ago in conversation with friends. The season doesn't end til May(?) yet were down to 4 dragtestants and we're just entering April... Hm?

I'm tired of this season. The Heathers are annoying. Some say Shangela was annoying, but she at least was amicable. Yeah homegirl started mess a bit, but I'll miss her. Raja? Cold-hearted Gorgon creature! Just crown her the winner already so we can move on to the next big thing.

behrmark said...

OMG...it's Survivor: Redemption Island drag style!
It will be interesting to see who is brought back. I suspect it will be Carmen.

robertga99 said...

I was glad to see Shangela go. She wasn't pulled together like say a Tyra or Raven or even Raja.

I hope they bring Mariah, Venus D-Lite or maybe Delta Work back

Robyn said...

I'm sad to see Shangela go. She was such a personality and such fun to follow on Twitter.


WilsonW said...

I liked Shangela, but I do like Raja more. Raja to me is no more mean or wrong than Shangela ever was. I hate the fact that they call folks Boogers. A lot of the stuff they say is childish, but for the most part I tend to agree with them. Raja and manilla have a very definite style while Shangela doesn't. Raja's looks are always on point and Shangela looks a mess without help from other people. She's a diamond in the rough for sure. But right now she is just rough. She needs some more shine first.

I think they'll bring back Phoenix, Mimi or Delta. (I think Mimi more because the only reason she really got cut was because she pulled that stupid stunt!! India should have gone that week.) But I'd really like to see Phoenix come back. She definitely went too soon for me. Carmen, India, Mariah, and Stacy all left when they were supposed to or long after they should have already been gone.

Prince Todd said...

This season is just so wack. Shangela is gone. No need for me to watch any longer.
Better drag next year Ru!

Jezza said...

I'm feelin a lil like Prince Toddy.
I'll Miss Shangela and now don't really feel like there's any reason in watching it anymore.

Yara Sophia really surprised me but she was boring for so much of the season, I can't say the two episodes she was memorable was enough to justify a win.
Alexis has really grown on me. She seems like she would be so much fun to be friends with, but she's not as consistent or polished as the previous winners, Bebe or Tyra.
Raja is so amazingly talented, I don't understand why she's such an cunt. I used to think she was only bitchy because of Delta, but nope, still a bitch as long as she has another Heather to complain to.
And the only reason I don't want Manila to win is the whole heather stupidity.

Shangela really was the best "performer" on the show. She needed help with her look, but she was damn entertaining.

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