Sunday, March 20, 2011

WATCH: Rep. Anthony Weiner deals with the wretched Sean Hannity & Michele Bachmann over Spending

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WilsonW said...

Gee whiz what a bullying, masogynistic display. I haven't seen Hannity in a while and he seems to be worse than I've ever seen him! WOW! All the man up statements and wear your pants to the table next time was ridiculous. It felt so fake and opportunistic. Like he's just about creating a wreck to drive up ratings.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't think the answer is in taxing the rich. If by the grace of God I manage to become wealthy somehow. I know I'd be pissed too if over half my money was taken in taxes. And my community stays exactly the same. Heck, I get pissed now that they take over 30 percent! I don't think success should be punished by taxation. I do think there are other areas that can be cut and should be. Military spending is kinda high on my list as is many of the luxuries afforded to politicians. Not to mention the tax free status of a lot of mega organizations that don't do a mega bit for their communities.

If I could trust that my money would be going towards helping others, education and whatnot, I'd gladly give more tax money. Since I can't, keep your hands out my pocket and when the time comes I'll build schools, provide scholarships and contribute to the country with my money in ways that I feel are most beneficial.

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