Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Question of the Day: Drag Race Edition

The Heathers are a dying breed! Shangela is becoming a force to be reckon with! And another Heather falls!

What did you think of last night's episode?


robertga99 said...

I liked it. Carmen needed to go home.
However, so does Shangela. She just isn't that pulled together to win the title.

Ian said...

While I love Shangela, that wig was a fright! Yet I'm glad, so glad she beat stupid ass Carmen.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Carmen Carrera sashayed away. To be a drag superstar you have to have talent. She doesn't have it.

WilsonW said...

Agree with above. I still say the finals will come down to Raja and someone else. Shangela just whooped that girl's butt in the lipsynch. Served her like HOT GRITS baby! Shangela is playing the game like a pro though! Yall better watch out!

Allan S. said...

I've actually seen Carmen perform here in CT. Her look was ovah, and of course she was practically naked. However, I was underwhelmed and the girl didn't collect a lot of tips. She needed to go home. She rested on pretty and giving body.

BTW, Shangela is a crazy bitch. I'm expecting some big ass dramatic ending to this season courtesy of Shangela.

behrmark said...

You know what I'm going to say: Raja ROCKED it! Loved his punk. Now I'm going to say two words that might surprise you: Manila Luzon. I'm really starting to like her. And it's not because she's a Heather.

Jezza said...

Very happy see Carmen go.
I've been a fan of Shangela since the beginning, but I am starting to wonder if she really deserves the title.
I honestly am happy if Shangela or Alexis or even if (dare I say it) Raja wins. I loved Manilla till the series of offensive Asian mocks. Iam complete agreement with Shangela - Manilla makes in fun of Asians instead of celebrating it. I'd be very interested to hear what JujuBe and Ongina would have to say. Just Yara seems sweet, but so under the radar, she's forgettable.

WilsonW said...

@Jezza-I didn't get why folks were so upset about Manilla until someone said to me, it would be like having a black person on there who always does personas like Shirley Q. Liquor.

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