Monday, August 10, 2015

Brian Brown: Fox News doesn't care about Traditional Marriage

Brian went on NOM's blog to whine about the gay marriage questions during the Fox News debate. If you tuned in, it seemed that folks are moving on and don't care about gay marriage like NOM does.

This is what he said:
"The nation watched the first debate of the presidential cycle this week, as Fox News hosted the affair from Cleveland on Thursday evening. As many NOM supporters have observed, the mainstream media rarely treats the marriage issue with the importance it deserves, and even Fox News has been reluctant to give it fair and balanced coverage. Regrettably, this was evident in their handling of the marriage issue during the presidential debate. Only two candidates were asked about marriage, and it was phrased in an adversarial way, pitting support for traditional marriage as being at odds with support for a gay family member. How ridiculous! Sadly, when it came to the marriage issue, Fox News bumbled badly. We hope that future debates will give the candidates a fuller opportunity to expound on their views about protecting marriage and the actions they will take as president to reverse the illegitimate ruling of the Supreme Court. NOM is committed to helping the American people separate out the marriage champions from the pretenders by issuing our Presidential Marriage Pledge. A number of candidates have signed onto our pledge, and we will be announcing those names soon."
Brian, face it... You have LOST!

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