Thursday, August 13, 2015

Black Lives Matter Activists come for Jeb Bush

For those who complained that the BLM folks were only going after Bernie Sander, get some salt for that foot.

In Florida, the Black Lives Matter protesters stormed Jeb's town hall meeting. The activists were also joined by the Planned Parenthood activists who are not happy with Jeb's stance on abortion rights.

LA Times reports:
Bush, responding to a woman's query about the disproportionate number of minorities killed by police and their treatment in the criminal justice system, said there was no question that racism still existed in the United States and that leaders needed to engage in communities that felt disenfranchised. He then turned to his education record as Florida's governor, raising achievement scores among minority youth.

“I have a record of empowering people in communities that” were told “they had no chance,” Bush said, ending the town hall. He did not deliver a closing statement, as he typically does, and quickly made his way to an exit, greeting supporters along the way.

Behind him, a few dozen protesters raised their fists and began chanting “Black Lives Matter!” A handful of Bush supporters turned toward them and chanted “All Lives Matter!” and “White Lives Matter!” Two women -- a protester and a Bush supporter stood a few feet from the candidate with their middle fingers extended in each other's faces.
Below are clips from the protest


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Alex Monroe said...

Black Lives Matter is defeating its own cause. This organization began with the best of intentions but has morphed into a bunch of shrill obnoxious attention junkies who make a general nuisance of themselves everywhere they go. Continuing antics like this will only serve to erode whatever political support they have gained. It seems that ultimately they will create more noise than actual change.

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