Friday, March 26, 2010

Eric Cantor's Dumbass blames Dems for the Attack of the Mad Idiots

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Bob said...

Bunch of effin'crybabies.

YvesPaul said...

In the age where Sarah Palin is asking people to reload and using rifle sights on Democrats, blaming the victim is completely insane.

Anonymous said...

So now the Repugs are playing me too That message for Schmidt is just the honest truth.

And Cantor - someone shot his window. Please, that probably happened from INSIDE the building.

Stan in NH said...

There is no comparison between the "death threats" that Repubs got and those of the Dems. If they see one, it's because they want to claim that they have. I don't think calling a racist asshat, well, a racist asshat or having a falling bullet hit your wondow (not even breaking it) is anything at all like telling someone to look over their shoulder because they might get blown up. It just shows how they'll say anything at this point, whether it is logical and true or not.

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