Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Koch Brothers chooses Scott Walker as their GOP Fave

Well, the Koch Brothers have found their golden child. While they are not fully endorsing anyone, they have noted that this guy is their favorite.

That guy is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Surprised? Yes and no.

I thought they would have found someone we haven't talked about recently. Someone who's CLEAN, free from scandal and silly statements. Also, I thought they would be daring and go for Marco Rubio or someone of color. You know, completely shake it up and taunt their 'Kingmaker' cred, but nope, they picked Dummy Smurf as their GOP Master of the Universe.

During last night's fund-raising event for the New York State Republican Party, David Koch teased about Scott getting the nomination and how he should be the one. Scott was reportedly modest about the praise, but it must've felt good to have the Kings of White Privilege crown you.

But please keep in mind that none of Koch's favorites make it to the top.


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