Monday, April 20, 2015

In Pennsylvania: High School Students creates “Anti-Gay Day”

via Buzzfeed

So... Teens...

Last Friday, these boys from McGuffey High School got together and created “Anti-Gay Day”. They wore flannel shirts and wrote Anti-Gay on their hands. These delinquents also harassed and targeted gay students throughout the day.

Some students believe these boys created this day in response to the Day of Silence. The students who were involved in this mess are being investigated for this foolishness and parents are not happy about their homophobic actions.

What bothers me is how these boys thought it would be cool and acceptable to do this. They planned this, they sat down and planned this. Somebody should be looking at their reasons for doing this and why they felt comfortable being harassers and somewhat dangerous. I feel like these boys are harboring some dark feelings to show up at school with the intention to spread hate and discord. There's seriously something wrong here.

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