Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Really? Bottom For Hillary?

From their site:
We are small but powerful group that encourages Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016. We recognize the unbelievable force that is Hillary Clinton. So much so, that we admit that we would willingly bottom for her. It does not matter if you usually bottom, or if you usually top but can't resist the Clinton. She is a bad ass bitch. She is the head bitch in charge. She is the Ma'damnnnnn President. Ideally we would be bottoming for her as we were voting for her. We will display our love for Hillary but informing the world of our desire to bottom for her. Buy a shirt, have no shame, and vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
So is this what we are doing now for attention?

I'm sorry, maybe I'm old, but I find this to be so tacky and 10th grade realness. This is not the gay vote to promote or even talk about. Hell, why am I talking about this? This 'campaign' is not helpful or encouraging, it's completely silly.

Hopefully, it will sashay away soon.

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Isobel Tolley said...

Does it seem a bit misogynist to you too? It does to me.

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