Friday, April 17, 2015

The Truth about DieselTec

Yesterday, Brian Klawier went on Facebook to shout across the land that he will not service gays. Then, he later claimed he was threatened and ridiculed from pro-gay folks. Suddenly, his business had a GoFundMe page, that was later removed by GoFundMe.

It's so amazing to see how these faux Christians cry wolf at a drop of a hat for the all mighty dollar. I mean, it was very clear what he was doing. This DieselTec is in the middle of nowhere. What compelled him to speak out like that?

I can tell you... Greed. Yes, folks, greed was the main reason why he needed to confess his love for Jesus and shit on us. Funny, how the conservatives thought they were helping some hillbilly pizza place only to create more corrupt 'Christians'. It's almost sad in a way. Seeing the power of greed, the sinful power of greed. It's so sleek by design, that these folks would pimp out their religion for profit.

No wonder why greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

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Bob said...

I called "Money Grab" as soon as I heard this story.

Good on GoFundMe for denying him.

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