Friday, April 17, 2015

Anti-Gay Owner of DieselTec doesn't have a Business License

Brian Klawiter is full of crap!

I just learned that his anti-gay business owner, DieselTec, doesn't have a business license! No license to function! Brian told the City Council of Grandville that requiring a license violates his constitutional rights because it gives city inspectors the ability to enter his property without a warrant.

Lord, this man's a joke. Here's more:
"This is a blatant and intentioned violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution," Klawiter told the council on Jan. 26. "I dispute your lawful ability to do what you claim. I will not sign the application. I cannot and will not give up my civil rights, especially when requested by a government entity for which the Constitution was designed to limit the power of.

"Would you sign something giving me the right to search your home as I pleased?"

It came to the city's attention last year that Dieseltec lacks a city business license, City Clerk Mary Meines said. Grandville requires businesses to pay a $100 licensing fee, with no cost for annual renewals.

The licensing process requires applicants to share contact information and details about the business premises, such as alarm system information. A city licensing ordinance states that inspectors have the right to enter a licensed building without a warrant.

Grandville notified Dieseltec that it needs to get licensed, prompting Klawiter to attend the meeting at which he objected to the licensing.

"We don't usually run into this," Meines said. "Usually they're cooperative and do it.
"We've sent him all the paperwork and all the forms. It's really in his court to come in and take it out. We'll have to decide what way to go if he doesn't."


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