Monday, April 20, 2015

100 Scholars submit Anti-Gay Marriage Brief to SCOTUS

For awhile now, crackheads are filing briefs to SCOTUS , hoping to stop the gay marriage ruling. A lot of these briefs are garbage and ashes, just like this one here.

100 Scholars filed the latest brief. This document of mess cites Mark Regnerus, who's been discredited several times and the writer is from the Heritage Foundation. Then, if you look into the 'Scholars', most of them come from religious schools and have no real educational accreditation to save their lives. Basically, these scholars are nobodies in the academic world, so why would SCOTUS pay them any attention?

Plus, the info they're using is pointless and holds no legal weight at all. In fact, why even submit this garbage in the first place. Chile, if you're trying fight in a war, you're not going to win with paper guns and jello bullets. It's so ridic they're using this mess to justify their position. How dumb do they think we are?  

Read the brief here

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