Monday, August 19, 2013

What did you think of True Blood's season finale?

It was an interesting climax to an interesting season. But what will the next season bring? Who knows, but tell me what you thought about season finale?


Unknown said...

Thought it was pretty good, although a tad confusing. I have to guess Eric is still un-dead, and PAm is taking care of him. But I am not sure why in the camps, the virus killed vamps quickly, while in Bon Temps, they go all 'Walking Dead'.

Anonymous said...

I watch all my episodes online and I was pissed that it was only ten episodes,my how time flies.. Looks like season 7 could really use a witch. Are those Zombie pires??

I got to see Eric's dong and it was a nice size and uncut (lace curtains). He stands 6' 7'' so that thing of his hard
has some inches.

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