Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Reasons why Ben Affleck is a Great Choice for Batman

Where did all this Ben Affleck hate come from? Folks are lashing out about him being Batman, but seriously... What's the problem?

I think he's a great choice and possibly a strong pick for the character. In fact, I have about 10 reasons why I think he would make a great Bats.

  1. Ben is a pretty good actor. He has played many roles and a diverse amount of characters. I think he knows what he's doing.
  2. Ben is a critically acclaimed director. His skills can help bring Bats to a full tilt. I mean, this man has directed award winning films! Those skills accompanied with his acting could possibly give us a very interesting character to watch.
  3. Ben has the look. He has gotten better with age and he has that brooding thing going on.
  4. Ben understands comic books. He knows the character, he knows the comic book world.
  5. Ben is passionate about the role. Remember when there were talks about him directing Justice League? Well, I'm sure it was those meetings that opened the door to him getting this role.
  6. Ben can bring in other directors and producers. Ben has worked with the best and could bring in some of his friends like Kevin Smith and other directors to make this movie great. 
  7. Ben has street cred. You can bring up Gigli and JLo, but he has earned his badges. He is respected and will give the film some much needed weight.
  8. Man of Steel wasn't great, therefore, Ben could strengthen the sequel.
  9. Ben can bring out the best in Henry Cavill. Again, Ben's producer and director skills can push Henry to be a better and stronger actor.
  10. Ben has star power. Like it or not, Ben can bring in the crowds. He's still in the game and has proven to be a big player in Hollywood. So don't be fooled by the rocks that he got, Ben is no joke.
If you remember, folks wasn't sold on Michael Keaton or Christian Bale as Batman. However, they thought George Clooney would be the perfect one. And folks didn't want Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but it worked and worked well.

I will reserve the hateration until I see the film, however, I have faith in Ben.


Anonymous said...

I've been quiet about the choice of Affleck, mostly because I'm on the fence. I don't think I've seen any of his recent movies, but I loved him in Chasing Amy and Daredevil.

Oh, I forgot about Gigli!

Anonymous said...

This proves Vic and Ben are fucking . lol

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