Sunday, August 18, 2013

Did you know there was a BEWITCHED spinoff called Tabitha?

This actually existed. Here's the 1st pilot where Adam is a Warlock

And the second one where Adam is human


Bob said...

I'd seen the Lisa Hartman version; the other one looks even cheesier.

behrmark said...

I remember this.

Anonymous said...

I remember the second one when Adam didn't have powers. I hated that he didn't - as I remember he was so whimpy. Cute but as a character no fun.

Daij said...

I remember the pilot where Lisa Hartman was Tabitha. I don't remember the tv show.

truthspew said...

Yeah - they produced the two pilots and then twelve episodes with Lisa Hartman as Tabitha.

It's all on YouTube. And if my Roman Numerals still work, it was filmed in 1977.

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