Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interesting Quote: San Antonio City Councilwoman Elisa Chan

“You know, to be quite honest, I know this is not politically correct. I never bought in that you are born, that you are born gay. I can’t imagine it. I don’t think homosexual people should do adoption. … You’re going to confuse those kids. They should be banned. If you wanted to choose that lifestyle, we don’t want to discriminate you, but you shouldn’t affect the young people. How terrible. … They’re going to be confused. You see two men go into a bedroom. You see two women kissing. Is that not confusing? It’s confusing. So disgusting!”
Elisa... You may need to get your resume together.



Bob said...

Her quote trying to backtrack this lunacy is even funnier because she basically says what she was doing was saying what OTHER people thinks about The Gays.
You're right, though. She needs to get her resume ready.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the councilwoman, I know this is not politically correct. Now we have proof the stupidity in Texas is not a white thing.

She don't need to get her resume together. I've always said Texas is like East Germany. Austin is Berlin but without the Wall to protect itself from the crazy people living in the rest of the state.

Anonymous said...


Flat faced Bitch!!!!

This bitch has to realize that just because to men marry doesn't always mean they will be sleeping with one another , some marry for companionship.

For the people by the people..

Anonymous said...

Please don't take this the wrong way but it seems in keeping with her comment:

And I thought Asians were smart!

Gee, now I feel as bigoted and stupid as she presents herself. I just can't believe stupid people are born. I mean born stupid. That they choose to be that way. How confusing to children - stupid people should be allowed to have kids. Can you imagine them growing up and making more stupid people?

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