Monday, August 19, 2013

Ted Cruz is Canadian, Now What Tea Baggers?

The Tea Party will never be the same after today. Ted Cruz released his birth certificate which proves he was born in Canada. 

It’s also interesting that he was born to a citizen mom and a non-citizen father. Hmm, sounds familiar right, birthers and Tea baggers? Who else has that same format? Who else does that same format applies to? 

Here's a hint: He's the president and you did everything to prove he wasn't American. Funny how that works out.


truthspew said...

Interesting. The theory in the U.S. goes so long as you are BORN here you are a citizen.

And I believe Canada follows similarly. So Cruz is actually a subject of the realm. Good luck being President.

Jasper Grayson said...

Here we go again. Round 4,658,121 of tit for tat. People like you who call Tea Party members Tea Baggers and conservative birthers who claim President Obama was born in Kenya are no different. Neither group gives a shit about this country only about their own selfish personal agendas. Extremists on both sides are destroying this nation. Someday those of us in the middle are going to rise up and get rid of both of you.

kayman said...

Gotta love racism and selective bias, huh?

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