Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is This Kiss among the Russian Runners, just a Kiss? Yeah, it was. - VIDEO

Yesterday, the gay webs went crazy over runners Tatyana Firova and Kseniya Ryzhova's kiss. Many say it was a direct jab at the Russian anti-gay law, but others believe it was a celebratory kiss.

I became curious about this, so I start searching through Russian history and other things. Normally, they do share a celebratory kiss, however, I can see how folks would believe it was a message of protest.

I mean, the timing is perfect. But, I couldn't claim this as an 'In Your Face' method. I need to hear from the ladies about their intentions. Plus, I want to be careful of being ignorant of their customs and culture... So, I'll wait until the runners speak for themselves.

It's possible that their kiss was just a kiss. And judging by this clip, it just a celebratory kiss

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Anonymous said...

Either a kiss is just a kiss, or those girls have... oh, it's only a kiss. I don't see a protest going on there.

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