Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Groups that should Reunite

Since N'Sync is reuniting for the VMAs I think there are some other groups that can get back together for a tour or an album.

So after the jump, check out my 5 groups that should make a comeback

En Vogue

The Thompson Twins

Culture Club

The Archies



Anonymous said...

Cher help and forgive me but this video looks like it was done on Rupaul's Drag Race.

Anonymous said...

Agree on all of them and I might add:

Full Force - but alas that isn't going to happen since the hottest member Paul Anthony isn't doing too well. So sad.

Bruno Laliberté said...

A fine selection!!
En Vogue would be a musical wet dream!
Thompson Twins?
Culture Club?
That would be unfair to them and what they did. I'm not sure how they would fare on the market today.
The Archies?????
I'll leave that one to you...
a good idea on paper.
In real life?
I saw her a while back Djing,
and still the entertainer.
Te crowd responded very well,
and it was just polite or overly sentimental.
She did well .
She remained pertinent.
Perhaps they could...

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