Sunday, August 25, 2013

Question of the Day

We got a new Batman (the 5th) for film... But when will we get our first actress for a Wonder Woman film?


Anonymous said...

If we do, I'm betting that it won't be a standalone Wonder Woman movie and it won't be an American actress either.

Belasco said...

I agree with Huntress. Wonder Woman will either show up in some form or fashion in 'Man of Steel 2 or 3' or whenever the Justice League movie gets made. THEN any of the characters that pop from that movie, if they don't botch it completely, will get their spin off movie. So don't expect a solo WW movie for a long time. Unless 'Amazon' doesn't sell on the CW. I almost prefer the longevity of a tv series where they can develop her character and her supporting cast, provided it's done properly. Granted, WB's strategy is the polar opposite of Marvel's individual movies first, then the big team up. But at this point WB only has the juice from MoS and marginally the Dark Knight movies to build anything else on.

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