Monday, August 19, 2013

Lee Thompson Young, from Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson, committed Suicide

Sad news, folks. Lee Thompson Young, from Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson committed suicide this morning. We don't know the reasons, but I guess we will soon. He was a good actor with opportunities to be more.



Anonymous said...

I hope he wasn't going to be outed?

Damien said...

Sad. Dreadful when anyone takes their own life.

Anonymous said...

I feel for his family and am sorry he was in so much pain.

I just watched the season finale of Rizzoli and Isles and it kinda annoyed me that they tacked on "In Memory of" It never bother me before or occurred to me before but isn't the phrasing wrong? If it's in memory of then shouldn't it be special or focused on the person? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say Dedicated to... or We'll miss you?

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