Thursday, September 17, 2009

Race, Crazies and Hope...My rant on life as we know it.

With all this talk about racism, Joe Wilson and Obama, you can't help but to think... What's really going on?

Many would like to believe that we moved past all of that, but the "treal" is, we haven't.

One of my students asked me if I was shocked about the, "the return of racism". I told him racism never left, it's always been here. However, what we are seeing right now is just a version of it.

The teabaggers or Real Americans are the examples of this version. They are in fear of change and so settled in their foolish ways. It tickles me how they talk about "losing their country" and "give us back our nation". These are the same folks that get screwed over by the GOP every time and are too ignorant to see that.

But to them, Obama is the Great Black Demon, trying to turn us into socialists and Muslims. He is trying to help them have a better life and they continue to spout out the "He's not an American, Muslim, jungle monkey" foolishness. It's like they can not accept that he is the president, our president.

Also the lack of respect from his peers is another example. Joe Wilson is proof of this. When Bush and Cheney were running things, none of congress folks would had ever disrespected them in public. When Joe did that mess, it was clear to me that he had no respect for Obama. Then when you look at Joe's ties to certain groups with high racial views, you can help but to see racism in the midst.

As Obama continues in office, we will see more of this foolishness. We were seeing this stuff way back in the primaries and during the election. But, this can be a good thing (you know I have to present a silver lining)

Hopefully, these issues will continue the conversations about race, lunacy, ignorance and hate. Our hope lies with the next generation, who's off to a decent start with change. Seeing these sad folks scream and shout, may trigger a stronger resistance to this racial malarkey. Call me silly, but I think these crazy times could be a turning point to something better.


Unknown said...

I really don't know.
I agree with you, racism never went anywhere.
But i'm not that hopefull that people will change. It seems like every tn years, something will come along and bring these dirty, decisive feeling to the forefront. Remember how Rodney King and O.J. polarized America.

lelocolon said...

I also do not believe that is going to change until some one gets hurt. I mean physically hurt. The psychological lynching already started, I wont be surprised that it will end only with mental and verbal treats. However, for most part progressive people and people of color in particular are far better prepared to fight back. So let them keep cruising for a bruising.

J. Clarence said...

I think we often think because the most blatant forms of racism disappeared off the national stage that racism itself was behind us. However, like you said it was just in the background.

I understand why the administration is trying to avoid saying it for what it is, but part of me would appreciate it if he spoke up.

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