Thursday, September 17, 2009

The REAL sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram's great-grandnephew, Dacre and a Dracula historian, Ian Holt, has created the official Dracula sequel, Dracula: The Un-Dead.

This is considered as the real deal part 2 from the Stoker estate. The idea is fascinating and exciting.

The book comes out on October 13th. Here's the background scoop:

Dracula The Un-Dead begins in 1912, twenty-five years after Dracula "crumbled into dust." Van Helsing's protégé, Dr. Jack Seward, is now a disgraced morphine addict obsessed with stamping out evil across Europe. Meanwhile, an unknowing Quincey Harker, the grown son of Jonathan and Mina, leaves law school for the London stage, only to stumble upon the troubled production of "Dracula," directed and produced by Bram Stoker himself.

The play plunges Quincey into the world of his parents' terrible secrets, but before he can confront them he experiences evil in a way he had never imagined. One by one, the band of heroes that defeated Dracula a quarter-century ago is being hunted down. Could it be that Dracula somehow survived their attack and is seeking revenge? Or is their another force at work whose relentless purpose is to destroy anything and anyone associated with Dracula?

Go here to the official site


behrmark said...

This could be interesting. I admit to being somewhat of a vampire fan. However, in the past couple of years it seems as if we're being inundated with vampire-related amusements: Twilight (books, movie), Vampire Diaries (TV), Tru Blood (TV), Lost Boys II (direct-to-video)...and now vampires are the heroes which is very vary anti-Buffy Summers. All the same, thanks for the heads up on this!
Behr Hugs!

Ken Riches said...

Thanks for the heads up, we will check out the official site :o)

SteveA said...

Wow - sounds great - I am already excited!

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