Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jennifer's Body was great!

Late last night, I saw Jennifer's Body at the Arclight. This flick was cute, funny and actually pretty good. Miss Diablo Cody did a great job writing her first "horror" movie.

I love the simplicity of the story. There's hope that simple, good horror can still made in Hollyhood.

Here's my pros and cons

  • A simple story goes a long way.
  • The actors matched the characters and movie... Yes, even Megan Fox.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Needy's boyfriend was adorable.
  • The writing was clever.
  • No slow moments. The movie moved at a great pace.
  • Nice to see a different type of Horror. No remake or overly attractive actors!
  • Some lines were misses, but nothing serious.
  • Just a small thing, I never understood how you can find demonic, dimension opening, spell book in a library. Why would something that dangerous be in your local library?
Very vague review as always, but I encourage all to see this movie.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I def. am going to see it....Or wait till has it!

Prince Todd said...

I'm most definitely going to see it now. I know how much you can't stand Megan Fox. So if you had to give it credit then it MUSt be a must see.

SteveA said...

OK I'm sold - I will go see it.

Christopher said...

My dad is so EXCITED to see this movie--so we're going Tuesday!

Joy said...

I'm a horror movie wimp if it's too gory. I read Diablo Cody's blog when she was writing it and like her quirky style. Maybe I'll wait until it's on DVD.

WilsonW said...

You don't know how one of those books can be in a public Library! Didn't you and I both graduate with Buffy Summers! For dimension openning evil you can't do better than the Sunnydale Library! ;)

alan orthman said...

it looks she may have escaped career destruction for a least a little while longer...

Unknown said...

This film is a watered-down version of Bible Black, sans the switchblade aspect.

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