Thursday, September 17, 2009

We won't be seeing Kal-El naked anytime soon

Since DC Entertainment is shaping the future of DC Comic movies, one hero may be a part of that plan.

That hero is Superman...

"We actually don't have any current plans for Superman," said Nelson when asked if the new environment (and the recent legal decision regarding the character) made a "Superman" movie more or less likely in the near future.

We recently ranked Superman as one of the most important properties for WB to prioritize in their new, movie-friendly arrangement regarding DC, so it was interesting to hear that the company currently has no plans for the Man of Steel.

Nelson then reiterated her stance on the lack of action on the Superman front, while acknowledging the character's importance in the DC universe.

Well, if they change their minds, they will have to do it by 2011. If not, they will lose the rights of Supes to the family of the original creators.



Prince Todd said...

I really did like Brandon Routh as Superman, but it is doubtful he'll return.
However, find someone more appropriate for Lois Lane and for pity's sake stop with th Lex Luthor plots. Lex is Superman's most BORING arch nemesis.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Hopefully they start to come up with something. I liked most of the last movie, but didn't like the setup of a few things (aka, he has a son). That just doesn't work. At least for me.

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