Thursday, September 24, 2009

NOM's trying to attack Fred Karger

So, NOM has subpoenaed Fred Karger, the leader of Californians Against Hate.

For some reason, they want to see his financial records, all emails, correspondence, faxes, all Californians Against Hate info and his drawls. However, that's funny considering these hell whores won't show their records at all.

But have no fear, Fred has folks coming to help and support him. NOM is only making it easier to bring them down. I believe, if they want Fred's info, then NOM needs to release theirs. If they have nothing to hide, then let us see. Be real, NOM. Who's giving you money?

Like Billie Jean said, "Fair is Fair... We didn't start this, we didn't want this to happen, but we are not giving up".

We will know the truth.

Stay strong, Fred. We got your back!


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Anonymous said...

I hope Karger counter-sues. This is all baseless.

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