Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who asked for this?: SHE by Sheree

Now, I'm not hatin' on Sheree, but these boys knew better than this.

Looking like refugees from OZ. SHEER MESS!

If you going to bring it, don't blow it!

I'm calling the F.B.I. to handle this

Fashion Bungle International


Anonymous said...

LOL, the one on the bottom looks like cyclops, or an old skool cylon.
The other one looks like he's looking through chickenwire. Hopefully she'll find her feet without many more travesties like these.

Prince Todd said...

Oh my god are they auditioning for the new Star Trek movie?

Greg said...

I'm with Sasha and was looking for the red light pacing back and forth along the glass. It's a very '80s look...that should have been left in the '80s.

Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

aint even gon believe this!

Unknown said...

I know that first guy is her hairstylist. I hope to God these are not the actual models, or her actual fashions.

kayman said...

V, it's more like SHIT by Sheree'. LMAO

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