Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Remember when Nicolas Cage was going to be Superman?

I do, barely, but I remember. And I thought it would be a mess.

Well I have a treat for you... There are pics (via YouTube)of that possible moment.

Ever wonder what Nicolas Cage would have looked like had he played Superman in the late 1990s movie Superman Lives? That was the scrapped version that would have been directed by Tim Burton from a screenplay by Kevin Smith (and rewritten by Wesley Strick) and produced by Jon Peters.

Cage's casting as the last son of Krypton caused as much of a stir amongst fanboys as Michael Keaton's had when he won the title role in Burton's Batman. Filming on Superman Lives was to have begun in 1998 in Pittsburgh, but Warner Bros. ultimately put the project on hold due to its ballooning budget. Both Cage and Burton eventually dropped out of the project, but not after concept art and costume designs were made. And after years in-development and millions spent, Warners would ultimately scrap the entire "Death of Superman" storyline, jettison Peters as the picture's producer, and take a whole new approach with 2006's Superman Returns.

Interesting to say the least.



Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Superman fan but I'm so glad this was never made.

Even today, I still can't picture Clark Kent/Superman dialogue coming out of Cage's mouth.

EMikeGarcia said...

I am glad that Nicholas Cage never got to play Superman, however, I would've accepted that more than that gay-porn-star-looking Brandon Routh. Also, I am a HUGE fan of Time Burton so I wish someone would leak the script or something because I would love to read his take on the Superman legend.

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