Saturday, September 19, 2009

Floyd, don't worry... You ain’t my style, either!

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. just had to make it clear that he's not gay on Chelsea Lately.

Personally, I don't if he's Klingon. It's seems that he's hiding something besides his stupidity.


Daddy Squeeze Me! said...


Anonymous said...

He has to be gay....He brought it up like 3 times for no reason! What a lame. He needs to do something about those marks.

lelocolon said...

This dude is so misinformed. Hot looking but dumb.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that has to constantly defend their heterosexuality is screaming out "I have homosexual tendancies". I bet he can work the hell out of some pumps.

Joy said...

You think he protests too much?

WilsonW said...

Mike, no you didn't!!!! LOL! Work dem pumps!! LOL!!

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