Thursday, September 24, 2009

True Blood news: We met the Queen, Now meet the King

Denis O'Hare will play the gay King vampire of Mississippi in the 3rd season of True Blood.

Get Excited



J. Clarence said...

How interesting that King of the Vampires in Mississippi is gay, and the Queen frankly not really a fan of men (unless they are doing each other).

I wonder how they rule their kingdom together, and I wonder if her making Eric sell blood has something to do with an internal power struggle.

Whatever the case might be I can't wait.

SteveA said...

The King's a hottie. OK - I did not like Season 2 - so now intrigued for Season 3.

Unknown said...

Yet another interesting development. Love a show that doesn't rest on it's laurels.

PPR_Scribe said...

How will I be able to wait until next season?

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