Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey LOGO, Do a Show about REAL Non-Glossy gay couples

Great Hera! I hoped this was a rumor, but it's not.

My buddy, Howard mentioned this on Twitter and I found this "confirmation" about the show.

After seeing posts on Gawker and RadarOnline last Friday about Logo's big new gay "Real Houseboys of New York" series (that's my title, not theirs), I had to try and get confirmation from this from my Logo colleagues here. Here's what I found out...

YES, there is a show like this actually in the works, and True Entertainment, the folks who produce The Real Housewives of Atlanta and HGTV's Design Star (not to mention The Gastineau Girls -- ouch!) are behind it.

Just about anybody in gay NYC knows prominent media gays, publicists, event planners, DJs, party promoters, Broadway producers... The casting possibilities are endless. Let's hope that this is tackled in some way that's not inherently embarrassing. OR, more to the point, let's just hope it's a big sprawling gay train wreck that'll be chronicling demented homo drama from Fashion Week to Fire Island; from Therapy to Sugarland; from GLAAD cocktail shindigs to Bana Pool Parties

NOOOO! We don't need this! I blog about this last month. This will be mess, entertaining, but mess! You know what LOGO, instead of party boys and shallow power gays, showcase loving and down to earth gay couples.

If you ask me, these are the real power couples. They are not trying to be famous or Carrie Bradshaw, they are just trying to be. We don't need more bitchy and silly gays flashing drama all over TV.

In the midst of DOMA and gay marriage battles, why not showcase simple, non-glossy gay relationships. We always see the glitter and gold versions of us, why not present regular gay couples living, working and raising familes?

LOGO, please! Erase and rewind. We need to show more to our culture, this is a chance to do so.


Unknown said...

I am so on board with you! There are plenty of great couples out there on which to focus, why trivialize gay relationships like this? LOGO has so much good programming, why stoop to this trash?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have zero interest in watching what they are probably going to turn out. Just like I have zero interest in watching any of the current housewives on TV.

Larry Ohio said...

"...instead of party boys and shallow power gays, showcase loving and down to earth gay couples."

That would be me and Greg. But if they made a TV show about us, viewers would kill themselves out of boredom within the first 7 minutes. I'm sorry to say, nobody wants to watch down to earth gay couples.

Anonymous said...

I am agreeing with this on....We need to show our forms and not the damn stereotypes!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

KAOS said...

Well said Wonder Man! With you 100%.

Prince Todd said...

Let's face it...

Drama sells. No one is going to watch a normal heterosexual couple let alone a homo one...They want to see the over the top antics and stereotypes.

Anyway, who else besides me has NEVER seen any of those housewife shows?
Then again I don't watch much television. This is why.

Kyle Leach said...

Just what we need on TV, trashy, vapid, power hungry gays, bitch slapping each other.(Shaking head and groaning.)

EMikeGarcia said...

Hey! You can be down-to-Earth and still want to be Carrie Bradshaw! I resent that!

Just kidding.

I agree with ToddyEnglish, I have never seen an episode of "Real" Housewives of Anything, but from the excerpts and clips that I have unfortunately been exposed to, these shows feed on stupid, vapid, nasty drama rather than anything real... It's sad, but too true.

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