Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who asked for This?: Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer and another Daredevil?

Stop the madness!

Ghost Rider 2 is coming out and I guess fans are in heat... Wrong! No one is excited about this. In fact, this movie was a hot mess, but Columbia Pictures believes it can be a hit.
Columbia Pictures has begun to rev the throttle on a second installment of the Marvel Comics character “Ghost Rider.”

David Goyer is in early talks to create the story and supervise writers for a film expected to once again star Nicolas Cage, who played the highly flammable cyclist in the 2007 original. Through a spokesperson, Goyer said he hadn’t signed on yet. But plans are already under way to base the sequel on a “Ghost Rider” script written years ago by Goyer, whose superhero work includes hit screen transfers of DC’s “Batman Begins” and Marvel’s “Blade” franchise. The original “Ghost Rider” was scripted by director Mark Steven Johnson.
“Ghost Rider” will be produced by former Marvel topper Avi Arad, Michael De Luca and Steven Paul, with Gary Foster executive producer.

Avi Arad? Wasn't he fired for his foolishness?

And speaking of foolishness... Fox wants to redo Daredevil and jumpstart a Silver Surfer movie.
Fox is: rebooting “Fantastic Four” with “Green Lantern” scribe Michael Green and producer Akiva Goldsman; mobilizing a “Wolverine” sequel and several “X-Men” spinoffs; is quietly developing a new version of “Daredevil” and working on a Silver Surfer film. Sony recently set James Vanderbilt to write the fifth and sixth installments of “Spider-Man,” and Universal continues work on “Sub-Mariner.” Paramount continues as distributor for “Iron Man 2” and several others expected to include “Thor” and “Captain America.”

Silver Surfer? Maybe, he has fans... I think. But another Daredevil? Another one? Child Cheese, I'm still trying erase the 1st one from my mind.

Disney/Marvel, it's time to bring it all back into the fold.



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure there is a big enough eraser to wipe out Daredevil and Ghost Rider. We do not need more of these!!

Prince Todd said...

Daredevil I would like to see Rebooted. The only positive aspect about the original one was Michael Clark duncan (ironically the only one miscast). The rest of it was PANTS. Moreover, I hated how WEAK they made Electra. I think Bennifer would be all for it if everyone forgot about their stints into the genre.

I didn't see the first Ghost Rider and I sure as hell won't see that or Silver Surfer! Pssssh!

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