Monday, September 28, 2009

A day late and 5 dollars short, Cleve

This past week, Cleve send a letter to Obama about attending the National Equality March.

I applaud his efforts, but isn't too late to send invitations?

Obama has been invited to some golfing thing every president goes to. In fact, it was one of the few early events put on his calender. So in someways, this was known way ahead of time, as well as congress being OUT that weekend, but that's another issue for another time.

Plus, I think there could be some heat from comparing this March and the Civil Rights March of '63. Many folks don't take that comparison too kindly. So I wonder if that was wise to state the issue in this letter, when we have not completely hashed out the similarities and differences.

Also, the letter talks about marching for "full and equal protections for LGBT people in all matters governed by a civil law in the 50 states". Okay, spell that out.

What are these protections? Of course, the answers are simple, but when you are writing to the President, would you make sure that everything was spelled out. If I had a chance to ask the President to do something for me, I wouldn't say "give me full and complete happiness for a lifetime". No honey, I would spell that mess it out in bullet points and highlight every major word. Obama would know what I wanted in abundance.

Now, I not trying to knock this event. I do this to anything that seems "put awkwardly together". However, I hope everyone who is going to NEM, gets something out of it. I really hope this event jumpstarts something in the LGBT community.

But I wouldn't hold my breath about Obama showing up.

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