Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AFA Thinks they have a Friend in Barney Frank

Talk about some mess.

The cultural terrorists, American Family Association believes they got an ally in Barney because he doesn't support the Respect for Marriage Act.

They even went as far as issuing a message:
"For perhaps the first time in history, the AFA is urging members of Congress to listen to Barney Frank".

WTF? They have no idea or reason why Barney is feeling what he's feeling, but they think they have a buddy in their hate parade.

Well, Barney says "Child Please"
"Obviously this is hypocritical of the American Family Association because they’ll disregard anything else I say," Frank told on Tuesday, "but it is an indication of the point that we're making the wrong judgment here. We should be defending the right for every state to have marriage on its own, and have that right validated."

Frank said he did not attach his name to the bill because of the other LGBT-related priorities that the Respect for Marriage Act may compromise.

"This allows [opponents like the AFA] to carry the argument, 'They're trying to put it in states where they've already voted against it.' Ultimately that's something I want to do, but to raise this now, particularly when there's zero chance, when we're trying to get [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act] and 'don’t ask, don’t tell' and hate crimes and employee benefits for federal employees -- domestic-partnership benefits -- take care of all those, it is an unwise choice."

This is a hot mess. How did they think Barney was championing their cause? AFA must be sniffing glue.


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