Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate Finance Committee isn't Feeling Public Option

Not cute news, the Senate Finance Committee rejected public option
Members of the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday rejected an amendment to a sweeping health-care overhaul bill that would have created a government-run insurance plan option.

Authored by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., the amendment failed by a vote of 15 to 8. Rockefeller said a so-called "public option" would have offered a competitor to private insurance companies. There are other amendments to come that would also create a government option.

Hopefully, this isn't over.



Unknown said...

I was appalled my own senator, Sen. Tom Carper of DE, voted against the Rockefeller amendment, and disappeared when he voted in favor of the Schumer amendment, as if he feared the video tape. Needless to say, I just shot off an email to Sen. Carper and expressed my disappointment. I think I might have even mentioned my ability to remember such votes in future elections. Cause I mean it.

Prince Todd said...

I'm officially no longer voting Democratic. Hell, I am not going to vote republican either. Probably just not going to vote altogether. It doesn't change jack shit.

Color me disillusioned. America is the greatest country in the world my ass.

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