Monday, December 24, 2012

Question of the Day

What's on your Wish List?


Anonymous said...

Cash and gift cards always work for me.

behrmark said...


K. Clark said...

Cash, gift cards, and a finished second draft of my novel. But I'll have to give that last one to myself.

Bob said...

As always, it's World Peace.

But, as a simple gal, I'd be happy with a laser level and new pressure cooker.
And another year with Carlos.

Merry Christmas WM!

Damien said...

To one day to meet the bloggers who have inspired me and keep me blogging on.

And that includes you my Boo. Your intelligence, wit, political insight, and downright cuteness has your blog as one of my must reads.

You're adorable and so very genuine and I hope to meet you one day and give you the hug/snuggle of all hugs/snuggles....

My love and friendship always


C.George said...

4 things

1- to have a conversation with my mother where I can get at the whole truth of my adoption without her getting defensive and not wanting to talk about it.
2- to be in love and to be loved mutually.
3- see #1
4- see #2

Anonymous said...

To be given the power of the Phoenix.

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