Monday, December 17, 2012

Dumb Ass Football Fans Hate Tweet about President Obama

Deadspin found some of the worst tweets over President Obama speaking about CT shootings during some silly football game.

Because President Obama interrupted this game, fans lost their feeble minds and tweeted some dumb ass things.

See here:

These are idiots, sad and foolishness idiots!


Bob said...

I am amazed at the morons littering our landscape.

Anonymous said...

It's not like he scheduled the memorial service that he was speaking at. He didn't make the decision to interrupt the broadcast.

Do racism and stupidity go hand in hand?

Anonymous said...

An update on Bradley Patterson. He WAS a player for North Alabama University until the college got hold of this Tweet.

Yes, that football lovin' bigot just ruined his chance of playing college football for NA or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I find those guys very disrespectful and stupid. In this day and age to type this about our president is damn near suicide.
I bet they have a gambling problem too.What in the world is happening to the white male?

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