Saturday, December 29, 2012

Leo DiCaprio...

He is still hot... Can you believe he's almost 40?


Bruno Laliberté said...

You mean surely that he is becoming hot NOW, because, I mean, I didn't care for the boyish look, but themanly look certainly appeals more to me. Another that I find interesting now that I didn't care much for before is Jensen Ackles, in Supernatural. That one makes me drool, NOW!!

Reggie said...

I don't know about hot.........I don't see him like that. But I will say that he was excellent in Django Unchained.

Kasnar Burns said...

Years ago when DiCaprio was dating Giselle Bundchen, I was thinking that only a wet behind the ears -- albeit talented - kid with money could date a supermodel. Then I learned that DiCaprio was actually older than Bundchen which made my earlier thoughts seem rather foolish. Some guys have that boyish look.

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