Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CNN: Why Are Most Mass Shootings Perpetrated By White Men?

A very interesting interview


Anonymous said...

Wow..interesting for sure. His perspective is spot on.

WilsonW said...

Even more sad to me Vik is that if you, me or a Muslim went on TV to say the same thing we'd be called, "race baiting, playing the race card or over reacting." When a white individual says the same thing it seems to gain plausibility. So apparently the truth can only be realized when one particular race calls attention to it.

Anonymous said...

I want to see David naked , he is handsome.

kayman said...

White privilege has its perks and one of them nowadays is exoneration of responsibility to obvious trends. I don't care we still in a society where there are way more perks offered to being a white male in general than to any non-white male or person in general

Daij said...

he's got a point.

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